Aqua culture: An International Concern

Aqua culture is a concern not merely for private and individual fisheries and farms. In truth, it is a worldwide concern with worldwide implications. Given that food production is a problem in the world, given that there are people who do need to be able to eat at least three times in a day, aqua culture is seen as one of the viable solutions to this problem. The concern is closely linked to the issue of the ballooning population in the world today – the more people in the world, the more there is a need to provide food for all of them.

All over the world, there are countries that have taken upon themselves the responsibility of having good aqua culture systems to provide fish and other seafood to the rest of the world. If you’re interested in the aqua culture industry and would like to know more about it, then you have to know how this industry works. It would be good to see these aqua culture farms at work and really understand every detail in the process.

Discover Countries With Aqua culture

The first country you might want to explore is the United States of America. The USA boasts of a marine aqua culture which, while not as big as the other aqua culture farms, is actually among the top ten Aqua culture-producing countries.

The second country you might want to visit for aqua culture research is China. China is by far the largest producer of aqua culture in the world. Here is the fact of the matter: China’s history of aqua culture dates back to 2,000 years. However, its aqua culture became large-scale only in 1949, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Another country with a rich history of aqua culture is India. The country actually developed controlled breeding of carp as early as the early part of the 19th century. Until the 1950s this was restricted to backyard ponds in most areas. While India is not as large a producer as China, its aqua culture industry has grown significantly, with the production of farmed shrimp leading the way.

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