Strategizing Aqua culture Approaches

Aqua culture comes with its own share of techniques and approaches for a more efficient and effective system of production. It’s really pretty obvious that doing things less efficiently leads to a possible failure in production. Hence, it is really of paramount importance that you pay close attention to your methods and approaches, so that you can ensure the good quality of your produce.

Some Suggestions for Improving Approaches

First tip for improvement: invest in technological innovation and transfer. Technology has provided a lot of solutions to everyone’s everyday life. It has also led to a lot of innovations to the way you conceive of how production is being done. This includes the way you understand food production, and by the same token, aqua culture production techniques. Investing in the latest technology allows you to have more efficient systems in environmental preservation as well as in disease control.


Second tip for improvement: You see, most of the aqua culture regulations and certification schemes focus at the individual farm level. But this leads to a major problem. Truth be told, having many producers in the same area can lead to too many issues related to environmental impacts—such as water pollution or fish diseases. The following solutions may be enacted. You can try spatial planning and zoning, so that you can ensure that aqua culture operations stay within the surrounding ecosystem’s carrying capacity. Also, this allows you to lessen possible conflicts in resource use.

The third thing which you might want to try is to shift incentives to reward sustainability. Needless to say, this solution is more of a political consideration. Actually, there is a variety of public and private policies which may be though out, if only to empower those who work for sustainability. For example, you can give farmers incentives to practice more sustainable aqua culture. One of the countries that practice this is Thailand. The Thai government has provided shrimp farmers operating legally in aqua culture zones with access to free training, water supply, and wastewater treatment. Also, the government has provided low-interest loans and tax exemptions to small-scale farmers. In the end, this helps them adopt improved technology that increased productivity, reducing pressure to clear new land.

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